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    Freight forwarding



We offer freight forwarding services for transportation of large-scale shipments through the port of B.Abbas .

The services offered by CF&S include:

  • Sea, railway and road transport
  • Loading and unloading of vessels in ports
  • Cargo handling in railway terminals and customs bonded warehouses
  • Preparation of customs declarations and cargo documents

If necessary, we also offer services, such as cargo insurance, quality and quantity control, marking, radiation control, supervision of loading operations and cleanliness control of ship cargo holds and railcars.

 We offer solutions for the transportation of the following goods:
      Sawn timber, hard and chipboards, plywood, paper and cellulose
      Metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)
      Bulk cargo (gravel, wood chips, peat)
      Bagged goods (cocoa beans, sugar, rice, etc.)
      Liquid fuels (gasoline, petroleum, oil products etc.)
      Chemical products (e.g. fertilizers in big-bags)
         ▪      frozen food products (meat, fish, fruit, etc.)
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