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Iran geographical position and its access to free waters via southern ports and closeness to the biggest production and consumption
markets have opened a gate to CIS countries, Europe and Middle East. This gate has made Iran territory as a reliable, safe, short route
and the best choice for traders to carry their products.
Goods transit transport is carriage of goods from entrance customs to destination customs.
Transit transport types:
Internal transit: transport of goods to an inner customs like Tehran, Tabriz or Isfahan.
External transit: transport of goods to a third country or carriage to inner customs which is economic free zone or special economic zone.
One of the concepts that is some confusing in context of transit transport is Transit Guarantee Bond:
Amount of money which freight forwarder pay to Iran customs with other assurances that Freight Company set to the customs in order
to assure Iran customs that import duty of cargo will be paid. This amount of money is not recoverable.
Varzandeh Tarabar have active representatives all through Iran, in all customs border and small and big cities of Iran to handle
transit transport shipments and deliver cargo to its consignee in destination customs.
We deliver container, pallet, and carton in the less time possible.
India,Iran, Russia, CIS and Europe; cross-border truck-rail services from INDIA to mentioned destination via Astara / Iran; and short sea-rail from Iran to Europe via Astara Station. VARZANDEH rail now covers a variety of vertical market segments including retail and lifestyle.

Services to the CIS countries,Afghanistan and Iraq
Varzandeh Tarabar International Freight Forwarder provides an International Transportation Services to the CIS countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Our unique and direct presence in Bandar Abbass, Bushehr, Bandar Imam and Khoramshar, enables our customers to benefit from a secured breaking bulks in the Iranian ports and an optimized transshipment from the Hub of Dubai:
Varzandeh Tarabar’s experts have reduced waiting periods to be negligible and loading/unloading handling have been made flowing.
The experience and knowledge of our dedicated staff in the area of Trucking and Railway modes through Iran, named the “South-North Corridor”, enables Varzandeh Tarabar to respond professionally and appropriately to all kind of transportation needs between Europe, Middle East, Far East and China in one hand and Afghanistan and the CIS in the other hand.
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the International Freight Forwarder in Iran. Company’s main activity is international freight forwarding from Asia, CIS countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Ukraine and the Middle East.
Over the entire period of its activity, Varzandeh Tarabar Proved itself as a serious and reliable company, accountable to its customers
in performing their services in time and quality.
Varzandeh Tarabar is aiming on the constant improvement of the quality of services offered, as well as the excellent performance of its obligations to customers.

Let our inland service experts work for you
Your cargo’s journey never begins or ends at the port and that’s why we have our end-to-end shipping solutions to ensure your supply chain performs like a clockwork. Whether you ship bananas or wind turbines, we can transport your cargo from origin to destination safely and on schedule.
Product overview
Wherever your cargo is heading, you can rely on our tailored rail solutions and our connections with major rail operators to make sure your goods arrive on time, in time, every time. The intercontinental rail portfolio consists of 3 main products being Block Train, Single Container FCL and LCL between China and Europe, and CIS both directions.
Having a freight option that can accommodate your hauling needs is important.
Rail provides versatility, high carrying capacity, and speed making it a great option.
Intercontinental rail
As a dedicated service or as part of a multi modal solution, rail offers faster time-to-market than ocean at substantially lower cost than air freight.
Our team of experts handles all aspects of the documentation ensuring flawless execution both ends and monitoring the shipments via GPS tracker enroute.
Trucks provide flexible point-to-point service, delivering small loads over short to long distances over widely dispersed geographic areas.
Barge provides additional opportunities to utilize water service into points not accessible by large main liner vessels.
Simple and reliable full-service solutions
Shipping is not just about the ocean. Vessels are just one part of the supply chain, where the cargo is transported from a location at the origin to an inland location at destination. This often means coordinating with multiple suppliers, where every extra link in the chain increases your workload, reduces reliability and affects transparency.
That is why we offer a full-service solution with a single point of contact.